2018 Dodge Ram Preview

2018 Dodge Ram Preview 

Although 2017 has been a great year for Dodge and Ram, it seems that they're not quite done yet. The upcoming 2018 Dodge Ram will be revealed later in the summer, scheduled to go into production at the end of the year or early 2018. Not a lot is known about it as Dodge has opted to keep full details close to their chest, but we can certainly speculate.

Based on previous Rams and insider tips, we're not expecting a large revision to the current Ram lineup. With the recent facelift, the models have been thriving on popularity, equaling or surpassing their respective rivals from Ford and Chevrolet. So it's understandable why Ram might opt to leave things as they are for 2018.


A couple of spy shots suggest that the Ram 1500, codenamed "DT", will receive the largest amount of changes visually. Although you'll still recognize it as a Ram straight away, it's expected to wear Ram's current design vision and corporate fascia. This means a more modern, youthful look, especially in the headlights and the grille. It won't be anything huge in difference, so you'll probably have to view the old and the new models side by side to notice the difference, but a minor revision never hurt anybody.

The Rebel, a Ford F-150 Raptor rival, packs the full off-road gear. Large, chunky off-road tires, skid plates, extra auxiliary lights, side exhausts… you name it. It's a fully-fledged monster, looking even more intimidating than its Ford counterpart. As good as it is in the pictures, they just don't do it justice. Seeing one in the flesh is a completely different story. It's expected to go into production later this year.


Coming straight off of a fresh interior restyling, the changes inside will be minor, to say the least. Come to think of it, you can't really improve on something if it's almost perfect, right? The current 2017 Dodge Ram lineup is so far ahead of its rivals in terms of interior build quality it's not even a competition. With the 2017 model, fit and finish was superb, Ram used high-quality materials, and there was honestly nothing to complain about. Space, as you're probably aware, is plentiful, both in terms of headroom and legroom. There's a ton of technology onboard to keep the occupants entertained and safe, as well as help the driver out in case he needs it. We found the Ram's cabin to be one of the most luxurious in the entire class, with excellent wind noise isolation and more than enough creature comforts.

Whether it's a daily driver or a long-distance cruiser, the Ram never fails to disappoint. It won't wear you out or require anything from you. It's not just comfortable and civilized for a truck, but it's comfortable and civilized full stop.

Engine and Performance

Before we talk about engines, let's just briefly touch upon transmissions. Ram will most likely stick with the six-speed auto on their base models as they have been previously, but we're expecting to see the newer eight-speed auto a lot more often. It's not just smoother and faster, but more efficient as well. The two extra gears mean the engine can remain in the optimal rev range for longer, both increasing performance and reducing fuel consumption.

The V6 engine lineup will get direct-injection, a first on any Ram pickup. That should boost power nicely to the 310-320 horsepower range, but as always, it's not just about horsepower. Torque will be up by several lb-ft, especially in the low end, where it really counts and you can feel the difference the most. A twin-scroll V6 will enter the market later (probably in 2020), along with the four-cylinder turbo producing somewhere in the region of 280 horsepower. Belt starter-generator stop-start systems might make an appearance on the higher-end trims, but that remains to be seen. Naturally, these are just our speculations and assumptions, so they should not be taken as facts.

The 5.7-liter "Apache" HEMI engine will probably carry on unchanged, but there have been rumors circulating the internet of a turbo 5.7-liter with power levels nigh on identical to the 392.

Don't think we've forgotten the diesel because we haven't. With better cooling, calibration and some engine tweaks, it's not impossible to increase the current engine's 9,200 lbs. towing capacity. Given the insane amount of torque on offer, we don't think pulling power is an issue. It's making the rest of the drivetrain withstand the diesel's torque reliably that's the issue. Ram knows better than us, so we're sure they'll figure something out.

What you should get excited about, if you're a power freak, is the 2018 Ram Rebel. If rumors are to be believed and the thing actually goes into production, it'll be one serious contender for the title of the most insane truck ever built. Ram has crammed the 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI V8 under the hood but tuned it to the 'reserved' state of just 575 hp. Given those things can easily reach upwards of 700 horsepower we wouldn't be surprised to see owners surpassing those numbers with just a few simple mods.


That's all we have for the moment. Until Ram decides to release more information, we can't report back with new details. One thing's for sure though: if Ford and Chevrolet don't have something really, really special up their sleeves, they're going to have an even tougher time with the 2018 Dodge Ram.


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