Build A Safety Kit For Your Chrysler in Kansas City

Sometimes fate conspires against you when you have somewhere to be. Car troubles can occur even when you keep up with your Chrysler maintenance in Kansas City. All it takes is some debris or a nail in the road to put you out of commission with a flat tire or worse when you’re already late.

Whatever the cause, there’s no reason to be left completely helpless on the side of the road when something goes wrong. That’s why you should have a reliable emergency kit with everything you need for common car troubles like a dead battery, flat tire, or engine failure. Our Kansas City Chrysler dealer put together a list of things necessary for any roadside safety kit.

Ropes, Cables, and Repair

Almost anyone who has spent time driving has eventually had to deal with a dead car battery. Whether it’s from leaving the lights on or from frigid temperatures, a good pair of jumper cables can be a lifesaver. In the event you slide off the road, having sturdy tow ropes can help you out of a difficult situation too. It also never hurts to have a tire repair kit for when something punctures your tire. This can keep your tire inflated long enough to get home or to where you can get a reliable tire put on. Never leave home without a flashlight or road flares in case any of these scenarios happen at night.

Extra Clothing

The weather can be crazy around Kansas City and you should be prepared to deal with it when your vehicle breaks down. Things like a rain poncho and gloves will make a big difference if you have to change a tire on a cold, rainy day. An emergency blanket is also helpful when you need to wait for help as well as things like zip ties or a plastic water bag to store damp things in.

First Aid

Minor cuts and scrapes can happen while fixing your vehicle. They can also happen when you’re out having fun with friends so it’s a good idea to keep a little first aid kit ready. It should include antiseptic wipes, gauze, rubber gloves, plastic bandages, and even some ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain.

An emergency kit like that will make any roadside issues much less troublesome. Contact State Line Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram today if you have more questions about auto maintenance at Call service Phone Number(816) 399-5457.

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