Here’s How To Get The Most Out Of Your Road Trip

In hypothetical situations, a road trip sounds like a lot of fun. You’re out on the open road with your friends, you’re laughing and you’re stopping off at interesting places throughout the trip. You’ll definitely be doing all of that- don’t think you won’t. There’s just a little more preparation that goes into the trip than getting in the car, meandering around a few interesting looking spots and then getting to where you need to go.

So check out these tips to make your trip the best it possibly can be!

Map It Out

Do you really want to be driving on a highway you didn’t even know existed in a state you’ve never been to and realize that you’re running low on gas? Sure your GPS can tell you where the nearest one is, but if you’ve got 15 miles left on your current tank and the gas station is 18 miles away, it’s a problem. Check out your route before you leave the house and figure out where you’ll refuel, where you’ll eat and maybe an auto repair place or two just in case.

Pack Smart

Look, you don’t need your entire wardrobe plus a few other options to go out on the road for six days. Touring bands going on a 30-plus-day tour bring less, so keep it to one bag per person. It makes for less clutter and your back seat won’t look like a brick wall of backpacks either!

Speaking of organizing the car, make sure you have all your essentials up where you can reach them. Stopping constantly to get things out of the trunk or annoying everyone in the back seat every ten minutes isn’t really conducive to having a good time.


You’re going to be hungry. You know it. What should you bring? We suggest pretty much any of the following portable eats!

  • Bags of trail mix.
  • Small baggies of spreads like celery and peanut butter, etc.
  • Hard cheeses.
  • Hard-boiled eggs.
  • Cut veggies.
  • Any small, packaged snacks.

Of course it’s up to you what you feel like bringing, but these are definitely good ones to consider! They’re small, lightweight and most of them can be eaten in a bite or two, so you’re not trying to keep track of food in a confined space.

Have Fun!

Please, be safe but don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Check Facebook and Yelp for places locals might like, look up historic locations and just let loose! This is your vacation!

Of course, if you want to make sure your vehicle is in the best shape it can be before you hit the road, be sure to contact State Line Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to schedule a service appointment for your regularly scheduled maintenance!

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