The History of Chrysler and Its Legacy

At State Line Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, our Leadwood area Chrysler dealer, we are very enthusiastic about the Chrysler legacy and its rich history is the American automobile industry. We feel that our brand’s history is very important to how the brand has evolved as a company and as an American staple over the last ninety years. As Chrysler continues to flourish on American soil, we want to introduce you to this story of how it all began almost a century ago.

How It All Began for Leawood Chrysler Fans

The Chrysler Corporation was founded by Walter Chrysler in 1925 from the remnants of the Maxwell Motor Company. When it acquired the Fargo truck company and the Dodge Brothers Company and began selling vehicles under those brands; that same year it also established the Plymouth and DeSoto automobile brands.

Walter P. Chrysler was an enthusiastic machinist with a firey passion that burned deep inside him to create anything and everything. Whether he was designing and assembling the most innovative automobile of his day or hand-picking the team that would bring his creation to life, everything was about precision, style, power, and performance in all aspects. His mind was always meandering, not to far off places, but to new designs and innovations.

In 1924, Chrysler introduce the Original Chrysler 6 which represented the company’s ability to consistently deliver innovation, fine engineering, unique designs, performance, and style in a way that set Chrysler apart from the competition. He continued to do so until his death.

In 1940, Walter Chrysler died at age 65. When he passed, the Board of Directors of the Chrysler Corporation produced a book to memorialize his successes and his gracious nature. The Board of Directors stated, “Walter P. Chrysler was a pioneer in life as he was in industry. His own development was typical in many ways of America. He had the initiative, courage, resourcefulness and leadership to make dreams come true.”

Today, Leawood Chrysler fans can still see the traces of Walter Chrysler’s style embedded deep within the modern vehicles that the brand produces today. These features stand as a memorial to Walter and his accomplishments and dreams.

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