Vacations, Getaways, and Road Trips! Oh My!

At State Line Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, our Kansas City Chrysler dealer, we understand that warm weather means endless weekend getaways and trips! Take the time to perform seasonal maintenance today, to save you tomorrow. Here are a few tips to further improve your vehicle’s performance and stability after the winter’s wear and tear.

Get in Your Chrysler in Gear; Maintenance in Kansas City

Our Chrysler dealer in Kansas City has a few quick tips to help you out this summer!

Remember to wash the underbody.
When you’re hosing off your Jeep in the driveway, make sure you don’t forget about the undercarriage. Clean out all of the road salt from previous snowstorms and the extra grime that your vehicle might have picked up from braving those icy winter roads. This will ensure a smooth ride this spring and summer! You can thank us later.

Replace your wiper blades.
Your wiper blades probably got their fair share of use after the brutal winter that we’ve had. It is definitely a good idea to make sure that they’re ready to go for the April showers that will be approaching shortly.

Clean the headlamps.

The extra dirt and grime from the wintery roads can leave your headlamps cloudy. Be sure to scrub them down so that they’re providing their best shine as you head out on the trails this summer.

Check the tires.

Tire pressure changes about 1 pound per square inch for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit in change in outdoor temperature. It’s very important to check tire pressure after the weather changes.

Rotate your tires.

This will extend the tread life of your tires and should be done every 5,000-10,000 miles.

Change the oil and filter.

Some car manufacturers recommend changed to a heavyweight oil to help the engine perform more efficiently during warmer weather. Change the oil filter each time you change the oil since the dirty filter won’t keep the new oil clean.

There are many other ways that you can prepare your Chrysler for the summer, but these are a few of the most vital. For more information, contact us at our Kansas City Chrysler dealer by calling Call sales Phone Number(816) 399-5457.

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